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Appreciation of Nano Technology's 2019 Grassland Tour
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Appreciation of Nano Technology's 2019 Grassland Tour

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(Summary description)In August, when the gentle breeze and drizzle stopped, the Xilin Gol prairie became my precious gift.

Appreciation of Nano Technology's 2019 Grassland Tour

(Summary description)In August, when the gentle breeze and drizzle stopped, the Xilin Gol prairie became my precious gift.

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Grassland in early autumn

In August, when the gentle breeze and drizzle stopped, the Xilin Gol prairie became my precious gift.

My yurt is next to the edge of a large grassland, surrounded by green grass. About a few hundred meters deep in the grassland, there is a narrow path leading to the lake. Vaguely visible across the bank, several horses sometimes bow their heads to drink, and sometimes go for a stroll. Such a small lake has never been calmer than this moment. Looking up at the south bank of the small lake, the scenery at the end is pleasant; there is a recess between the grassland and the grassland, which is quite open, so the lakeshore is formed. From the adjacent green grassland, I looked at the greenish green on the horizon. Really, on tiptoe, I can see some greener and farther lawns in the northeast corner. The grassland is surrounded by delicate flowers, dotted with rubies like green agate. I just sat there, watching the sun shine on them, and listening to the breeze blowing on them, it was really interesting.

Far away from towns and inaccessible grasslands, only herders used to enter in broad daylight. Now it has become a gathering place for tourists. They come and go regularly and on time, and their laughter can be heard from far away. The men wore gowns with horseshoe sleeves, and the women wore flag suits that reached to their feet, dancing lightly in the breeze in a melodious melody. After a while, the sound of the wine rang down again and again, until the sun dissipated the morning mist.

The vast night sky was densely scattered with stars. The milky white Milky Way, from the northwestern sky, traverses the sky, slanting down the endless prairie. This is a beautiful night, with only one feeling in the whole body, and every pore is soaked with joy. Let us spend the day calmly like nature; let us rise at dawn, calm and calm; let us take advantage of the vitality of dawn to set sail in another direction. Goodbye my grassland. ...

——Finance Zhao Yudie



"Unforgettable Memorabilia• Feelings of Seeking Dreams on the Grassland"




                                 Saibei Akihara.

                                 The sky is vast and clear, and the sky is clear.

                                 The high wind deceives the grass, and the strong horse retreats to smoke.

                                 Lin Hanhai is fascinated.

                                 Draw a corner and a feather.

                                 Listen carefully, Tianjiao dominates the industry, and the empty sand bay.

                                 Returning to the Yinshan Mountains again.

                                 Gu Yunshuyue is near, and he has a broad mind.

                                 Thinking about the beautiful scenery, I want to relax and enjoy myself.

                                 We will take care of the current affairs with sincerity.

                                 I feel at ease with the gains and losses.

                                 May the rest of my life be happy and simple.

—— Li Hongwei, Production Management Department



Traveling in Inner Mongolia

"The sky is blue, the wild is boundless, the wind blows the grass and you see cows and sheep." I remember that this folk song from the Southern and Northern Dynasties had been memorized as early as a child. I never thought that after many years, I would have the opportunity to experience this panoramic view of the grassland with abundant aquatic plants and fat cattle and sheep.

Because the original scheduled flight was cancelled, we chose to depart from Shanghai the next day and started on our way from early in the morning. When we arrived in Ordos, it was close to 7 o'clock in the evening. As soon as I left the airport, a burst of dry coolness hit, and compared with the humid and sultry heat of Shaoxing, it seemed like two worlds. But in order to start the next day's itinerary, we didn't make a stop, so we hurriedly got on the bus and rushed to Hohhot. It was already midnight when I checked into the hotel.

Early the next morning, the excitement of exploring the grassland dilutes yesterday's exhaustion. After breakfast, I went to the community park opposite the hotel for a stroll. In the morning of Hohhot, the people of Hohhot, like their hometown, are equipped with morning exercises, walking bends, going to markets, commuting on the road and other elements. As I was going to the prairie, I didn't stay for too long, so I went back to the hotel to pack my luggage. After getting on the bus, I don't know how long I drove on the winding mountain road, and finally reached the destination-Xilamuren Grassland Swan Lake Scenic Area. When I got out of the car, the "horse wine" fell off, and when I looked up, the white clouds under the clear blue sky, and the cool grassland breeze on the face mixed with the smell of horse dung, the exhaustion and irritability caused by the long journey disappeared in a short time. After lunch, everyone took a break and started an exciting project—horse riding. Before, I imagined that I could ride horses and whip like a local herder, galloping across the endless grassland, to make up for the second scene of "the tiger roars and the wind blows, and the general returns with the horse". After getting on the horse, he was trembling and daring not to move. After riding for more than two hours, my legs were sore, but I didn’t regret it when I recalled the prairie scenery on the horse’s back. In the evening, everyone was going to attend the most grand palace banquet of the ancient Mongolian people-the swindle horse banquet, and they all wore the Mongolian aristocrats' Chinese clothes and a scene of "changing official robes outside the jade lankan". The banquet proceeded according to the process. Although the food is not very exquisite, it is very satisfying to experience the Mongolian culture firsthand and feel the warm atmosphere. When the banquet was gone, some of my colleagues who had not yet fully enjoyed themselves sang, danced and reveled around the bonfire in the square, taking advantage of the narcotic effects of alcohol. Here, the worries of weekday work are put aside, and the differences in positions are temporarily put aside. You only need to feel the hot atmosphere.

After a lively night, I, who planned to wake up early to watch the sunrise on the grassland, still can’t stand the seal of the bed. Some colleagues who have the perseverance to get up early have posted pictures of the sunrise in the circle of friends. I swiped it once with my mobile phone. The start of the new day’s itinerary is the tribe in the Houmu area, full of longing to go. As a result, after a lot of rumors, the theme is to sell silver products, which is inexplicably lost. Back to Hohhot at noon, the Princess Mansion was very small and couldn't be interested. But in the Mengliang Customs Garden, the dazzling array of products is dazzling. After all, you have to bring something back when you come out to play.

After experiencing yesterday's slightly boring itinerary, this day seemed much more interesting. I rushed to Ordos by car. After a few days, I got used to the long-distance journey, but I felt that this short journey didn't seem to take much time. Arrive at Hasuhai, get on a sightseeing bus and start a journey of watching flowers. The Holy Main Square, Chilechuan, Daobao..., no matter how you walk, the Yinshan Mountains in the distance are always there, and the scene depicted in "Chile Song" has a panoramic view. In the afternoon, I arrived at Xiangsha Bay, a 5A-level scenic spot in the desert with all kinds of amusement facilities. Due to weight restrictions, I can play few things, so I just ride a camel, step on the sand, and see the scenery. Looking at a place where there are no man-made buildings, the vast sea of ​​sand is shining with ten thousand points of light against the blue sky. This is only a corner of the Kubuqi Desert, the seventh largest desert in China, but it is already vast beyond my imagination. I can't help feeling that human beings seem very small under the power of nature.

Unconsciously, we reached the last day of the trip. In view of the tiredness of playing in the desert yesterday, we rested until noon and set off. After dinner, I went to the Kangbashi New Scenic Area. Four giant sculptures are located in the square, very impressive. To the south is a theme park based on Ula Mulun Lake, as well as a series of other buildings. After a short stop, we rushed to the last stop-Ulan Living Buddha Temple. When you get off the bus, the roof of the temple building is magnificent, with carved columns and painted buildings, and the white marble and stone columns are white and flawless, eye-catching. The building integrates Mongolian, Tibetan, and Han styles, which is magnificent and shocking. Compared to the hustle and bustle of other temples, it is very quiet. I don't understand religious culture, so naturally I can't understand the culture behind it. I can only sigh the grandeur of the architecture and the solemnity of the Buddha statues while walking.

After a few days of the itinerary, although physically and mentally exhausted, the customs of Inner Mongolia have been deeply imprinted in memory, making people nostalgic. Even the flight delay felt like Inner Mongolia was holding us. Although the trip to Inner Mongolia came and went in a hurry, if one day you look back at lovesickness, you will surely be happy and unforgettable for a long time.

I have been here in Inner Mongolia.

——Integral management of the department

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Included in the "Classification of Strategic Emerging Industries", aerogel will usher in an explosion 2021-07-30 15:33:22
Recently, the National Bureau of Statistics released the "Classification of Strategic Emerging Industries (2018)". As one of the materials in the field of sound insulation and heat insulation material manufacturing, aerogel and its products have entered this classification catalog for the first time. The document issued by the National Bureau of Statistics clearly pointed out that the purpose of formulating this classification is to accurately reflect the development plan of national strategic emerging industries during the 13th Five-Year Plan period, and to meet the statistical needs of measuring the scale, structure and speed of the development of strategic emerging industries. This means that products and services that can be listed in this document, such as aerogels and their products, are all "strategic emerging industries" recognized by authoritative organizations such as the National Bureau of Statistics. Strategic emerging industries are based on major cutting-edge technological breakthroughs, representing the new direction of future technology and industrial development, reflecting the development trend of knowledge economy, circular economy, and low-carbon economy in the world today. They are still in the early stages of growth and have great potential for future development. An industry that has an overall driving force and a major leading role in the economy and society. Since ten years ago, my country has always attached great importance to the development and planning of "strategic emerging industries". In 2009, the State Council held the first symposium on the development of strategic emerging industries. The "Strategic Emerging Industries" development plan launched in 2010 framed seven strategic emerging industry development goals in the form of an executive meeting of the State Council. In 2012, the executive meeting of the State Council discussed and approved the "Twelfth Five-Year" National Strategic Emerging Industry Development Plan, which further clarified the key development directions and main tasks of the seven strategic emerging industries. So far, vigorously develop strategic emerging industries. To the "real place". In 2016, the State Council issued the "Thirteenth Five-Year" National Strategic Emerging Industry Development Plan. The plan pointed out that during the 13th Five-Year Plan period, strategic emerging industries should be placed in a more prominent position in economic and social development, and modern The new industrial system promotes sustained and healthy economic and social development. In early 2017, the National Development and Reform Commission issued the "Guiding Catalog for Key Products and Services of Strategic Emerging Industries". The catalog is divided into 8 industries in 5 major areas of strategic emerging industries such as new generation information technology, high-end equipment manufacturing, new materials, biology, new energy, and digital creativity. At the end of 2018, the National Bureau of Statistics released the "Classification of Strategic Emerging Industries (2018)", including: a new generation of information technology industry, high-end equipment manufacturing industry, new material industry, biological industry, new energy automobile industry, new energy industry, energy conservation and environmental protection industry , Digital creative industries, and related service industries.
What are the special advantages of new aerogels 2021-07-30 15:33:12
Aerogel, as the lightest solid in the world, has been favored by many scientists over the years. Recently, scientists have developed a new aerogel—air alloy. This raw material has high strength, durability, Features such as ultra-light weight and planability. The most important thing is that this material has a super-insulating function, which has special meaning for the development of thermal insulation materials and the field of aerospace. The most used raw material in the world may be here, and it will change everything. Aerogel has been around for a while, but innovation has made aerogel skills more perfect and more useful. Aerogel is a low-density solid raw material, which can be obtained by extracting liquid from colloid through supercritical drying process. The common aerogel is silicon aerogel, but this material is very brittle. Through years of research, scientists from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and some companies have developed a new product-air alloy. This air alloy not only has the high strength and durability of traditional plastics, but also has the characteristics of light weight, and the super insulation function found in aerogel is the biggest advantage of this product. Part of the reason why this material is so promising is that it is super planable. Air alloys have extremely low density (0.01~0.9g/cm2), which makes them the lightest solid raw materials on earth. In addition to this low-density characteristic, this material also has super-insulating function and extreme material strength. The polymer raw materials based on this air alloy can bear 20,000 times more than their own weight. The super-insulating property of this material makes scientists extremely shocked, which gradually makes thin and light insulating materials possible. The raw material not only can block temperature, but also has a good effect on blocking sound. In fact, as an acoustic insulator, this material is 100 to 1000 times better than other products on the market. Recently, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has developed an ultra-thin and flexible air alloy (as shown below), which is used abundantly in space suits and rocket technology. The mechanical and structural functions of this material are gradually moving forward, and it can even be made into a transparent one that allows sunlight to enter, but it will certainly not affect the thermal insulation function. The future of this material will be grasped by engineers and planners who are constantly working to discover more uses for the material. Many aerogel commercial companies have also been established, and there will even be a company that uses an improved version of aerogel to make high-quality jackets.
What is the thermal insulation principle of aerogel thermal insulation materials 2021-07-30 15:32:58
Aerogels, also known as xerogels, have a density of only 2.75 times the density of air, making it the densest solid in the world. Aerogels can be divided into carbon series, silicon series, sulfur series, metal oxide series, metal series, etc. according to their composition. However, nowadays, silicon aerogels-silica aerogels are more developed and used. Aerogel is a new type of lightweight nanoporous product. It has a nanostructure (typical pore size is less than 50nm, framework particles are 1-20nm), large specific surface area (up to 800-1000㎡/g), and high porosity ( It can be as high as 80%-99.8%) and other characteristics. Generally, the structure and function of aerogels do not change significantly at 800°C. Therefore, aerogels have unparalleled advantages as high-temperature insulation products. Insulation principle of aerogel insulation products (1) Convection: When the diameter of the pores in the aerogel is less than 70nm, the air molecules in the pores lose their ability to move freely and are relatively attached to the pore walls. At this time, the product is in an approximate vacuum state. (2) Radiation: Because the pores in the aerogel are all nano-sized pores and the product itself has a very low volume density, the number of pore walls inside the product tends to be "infinitely large", and each pore wall is covered. The effect of the hot plate is therefore close to the "infinite number of heat shields" effect, which reduces the radiant heat transfer to almost the lowest limit. (3) Heat conduction: Because of the nearly infinite number of nanopores, the heat flow in the solid can only be transferred along the pore walls. The nearly infinite number of pore walls constitutes a nearly "infinite path" effect, which makes the solid heat conduction In order to drop to the lowest limit. Compared with traditional thermal insulation products, nanoporous aerogel thermal insulation products can achieve equivalent thermal insulation effects with lighter weight and smaller volume. It has good thermal stability, thermal shock resistance and thermal insulation, which can replace traditional mineral wool, so that the house can be insulated and warm. If it is used in high-rise buildings, it can replace general curtain wall glass, greatly reduce the weight of the building, and can play a fire prevention effect. In addition, replacing traditional thermal insulation products with aerogel thermal insulation composite products on the top of pipelines, furnaces and other thermal equipment can greatly reduce heat loss. Applying nanoporous super insulation product aerogel to the storage tanks, pipes and collectors of solar water heaters, the heat collection efficiency can be increased by more than one time, and the heat loss will be reduced to less than 30% of the current level. In addition, before and after use, it can insist on not powdering, not brittle, not aging, and not supporting the growth of mold, and the induction function will remain unchanged for a long time; the service life is long, and the life span of the building can be maintained.
The practical application of aerogel starts from the aerospace field 2021-07-30 15:32:46
Aerogels have multiple functions and are widely used. For example, aerogels can be used in environmental protection by taking advantage of their multi-surface specific area and strong adsorption capacity; using their porous, shock-absorbing and anti-vibration characteristics, they can be used for explosion-proof and energy-absorbing requirements; using aerogel materials for super It has the characteristics of light insulation, and it is used in mountaineering clothing and other fields. The practical use of aerogel started from the aerospace category. On the Russian "Peace" space station and the US "Mars Pathfinder" probe, aerogel materials are used for thermal insulation. The aerogel materials can withstand temperatures from -196 to 1400 degrees Celsius, and because of their extremely low thermal conductivity, It can ensure the normal operation of the detector under extreme temperatures. NASA’s "Stardust" spacecraft also uses aerogel to collect comet dust. The porous size of the aerogel and its extremely light weight make the aerogel look like a soft baseball glove, and then let the comet fly at high speed. The dust stopped after running for a while. Up to now, the most widely used aerogel material is its excellent thermal insulation function. With aerogel composite insulation felt as the main product, aerogel materials have a wide range of applications in industrial pipe networks and kilns, petrochemical equipment, construction, cryogenic equipment, and cold insulation. Aerogel composite thermal insulation felt has the advantages of good thermal insulation, A-level fire protection, high hydrophobicity, and long service life. It sits on the top of the pyramid of thermal insulation materials with absolute advantages.

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