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Oil Exploration Field

Oil Exploration Field


Oil Exploration

Aerogel insulation blanket is mainly applied to heavy oil exploration via high temperature steam pipelines, the medium temperature is 350 to 400. Aerogel insulation blanket can reduce the thickness of insulation layer and lower the temperature drop and pressure loss effectively during the steam transportation. It can replace traditional insulation materials, such as silicate felt, fiberglass felt, rock wool and mineral wool, etc.


Petroleum Refining

Aerogel insulation blanket is mainly applied to the insulation of refining equipments and pipelines, the medium temperature is 200 to 6500. It can reduce the thickness of insulation layer because of its low thermal conductivity, so as to improve the distribution rate of refinery pipelines in the plant area. Aerogel insulation blanket is hydrophobic and its PH is neutral, so it can avoid the corrosion under insulation caused by electrochemical corrosion, extend the service life of pipes and lower the post-project maintenance cost.


Project Status of Pipeline Insulation:

1. Insulation structure is unreasonable, construction thickness is nonstandard, insulation construction is not in place.

2. Easy to deform, easy to settle, poor thermal stability, high breakage rate, poor insulation effect, unable to meet the technological requirements.

3. Poor insulation effect and obvious decrease, which lead to increasing maintenance cost of thermal insulation project and equipment operation cost.

4. Service life is only 3-5 years, needs to be replaced when it is due.

5. Incomplete waterproof, easy to absorb moisture, which leads to corrosion, then the thinning of pipe wall, bringssecurity risks.





1. Service life is more than 20 years because of its special structure, waterproof and compressive properties, much higher than traditional materials.

2. Super insulation property, unique nanoporous structure can effectively stop the heat transfer, reduce the heat loss. It's the lowest thermal conductivity solid material at present, the thermal conductivity is only 1/3 to 1/5 of that of traditional materials.

3. The unique nano three-dimensional grid structure provides extraordinary high temperature stability and makes the thermal insulation performance constant and lasting.

4. Excellent overall waterproof and breathable performance can avoid the dampness and water absorption, so as to avoid the CUI. Which create the long-term thermal insulation effect, and it's the best choice for the insulation of pipes.

5. It can avoid setlement and deformation, and can resist the barbaric construction, because of its good flexibility, tensile and compressive strength. It avoids the phenomenon of deformation and degradation of thermal insulation performance of traditional materials caused by long-term high temperature, vibration and water intake.

6. Environmental and safe for human, guarantee the safety of equipments.

7. Lightweight and convenient, easy to install, transport and construct.




The specific comparison with traditional insulation materials is shown in the table below


Lightweight series Nano Aerogel Thermal Insulation Felt

Traditional insulation materials

Aluminum silicate Glass wool

Rock wool

Thermal conductivityW/(m·K)
















Maximum use temperature,℃





Bulk density,kg/m³





Water resistance Water repellency rate ≥99%, volume moisture absorption rate ≤1%, no special waterproof measures are required. The detachable thermal insulation cover has good thermal insulation effect and is easy to use. It is not completely waterproof, and the surface of the protective plate needs to be sprayed with metal sealant for waterproofing.
Insulation of tees, valves, etc. The detachable thermal insulation cover has good thermal insulation effect and is easy to use. Spraying method or heat preservation box heat preservation, the heat preservation effect is poor
Compressive strength (25%)


Felt products: Compression becomes larger

Plate-shaped products: brittle and fragile


1. Good integrity, good seismic and tensile resistance, no particle accumulation, sedimentation, etc. during use; 2. The shrinkage rate in the 20-year simulation test is less than 1%, and the thermal conductivity has no change.

1. The material structure is loose, self-weight, equipment vibration, material water ingress, etc. easily cause the material to disintegrate and settle, and the heat preservation effect is obviously reduced.


The use of small thickness can reduce the insulation thickness of the pipeline, reduce the spacing of the steam pipeline, and reduce the area of the plant or the size of the pipe gallery. The insulation layer is thick, and there are gaps in the lap joints. The higher coefficient of expansion and contraction can easily cause the gaps to become thermal bridges, which are more obvious after vibration.


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