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Building Insulation Field

Building Insulation Field


Thermal Insulation of Building

China is a big developing country with the big building market, the area of newly built houses reaches 1.7-1.8 bllion square meters every year, which is more than the total area of that of all developed countries. Because of the poor thermal insulation effect, the share of total building energy consumption in China's total energy consumption has exceeded 27%. So, improve the thermal insulation effect and implement the policy of "Energy-saving Building, Green Building", is our extremely important mission.

Present situation:

At present, there are many kinds of building insulation materials, they are mainly divided into organic materials, such as polystyrene board, extrusion board, polyurethane, etc., and inorganic materials, such as rock wool. Poor flame retardant property of organic materials is unsafe to building, and the poor hydrophobicity of inorganic materials is also unsafe to building. At present, the most ideal building insulation material is aerogel insulation blanket.

1. Inorganic, fire rating is A

2. Thermal conductivity is low as 0.016w/(m*k), effective isolation of cold and hot bridges, space-saving

3. Environmentally friendly, good heat preservation performance, lower the energy consumption

4. Good sound insulation, create comfortable environment

5. Overall hydrophobicity and stable structure

6. Inorganic and the same life as buildings

7. Easy to construct and cut



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