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Equipments And OEM Services

Equipments And OEM Services


Equipments and OEM Services

After years of development, electrical and electronic products pursue thinner and more energy-saving goals. The thinnest product we can produce is 0.5mm, which can help our customers solve the homogenizing problem in narrow space. It's thermal conductivity is 0.016w/(m*k), its thermal insulation effect is 3-6 times that of traditional materials.

Eficient heat preservation and insulation, while reducing energy consumption, and achieving the goal of energy saving.Nano Tech. has been committed to product development of thermal insulation materials and orovided our customers with thermal insulation solutions and technical supports.


1. Low thermal conductivity, meet the National Aerogel Standard (Level S)

2. Efficient heat preservation and insulation, low energy consumption

3. Thinner products, the thickness is 1/4 that of traditional materials

4. Superior fire resistance performance, fire rating can reach A, non-combustible

5. Inorganic and environmentally friendly, contribute to the protection of lucid waters and lush mountains




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