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New Energy Cars

New Energy Cars


New Energy Cars

Recent years, more and more new energy cars have been used as urban transportation tools. However, safety accidents of self-ignition and impact fire happened frequently. As a people-intensive transportation tool, how to protect people from the accidents attracts more and more attention of the society.

The battery boxes of new energy cars can't work properly because the low temperature in winter. Using the aerogel as the insulation layer for battery box, can reduce the temperature drop rate of battery box.
Nano Tech. provides different kinds of aerogel blankets to our customers to meet the various applications, which can help our customers solve the problems perfectly.


1. Thinner insulation layer, lower space occupancy
2. Low thermal conductivity, extend the cooling time of battery
3. Excellent fire resistance performance, extendescape time
4. Inorganic and environmentally friendly
5. Easy to construct and install



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