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Aerogel introduction

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The magic material that changed the world



       Aerogel is currently known as a light solid material because of its nanoporous structure (1-100nm), low density (1~500kg/m³), low dielectric constant (1.1~2.5), and low thermal conductivity (0.013). ~0.025W/(m · K)), high porosity (80~99.8%), high specific surface area (200~1000m³/g) and other characteristics, showing unique properties in mechanics, acoustics, heat, optics and other aspects, It has broad and huge application prospects in many fields such as aerospace, military, transportation, communications, medical, building materials, electric power, metallurgy, etc., and is called "the magical material that changes the world".

       Silica aerogel is a material with good thermal insulation performance so far. Its pore size is lower than the mean free path of air molecules under normal pressure. Therefore, the air molecules in the aerogel pores are approximately static, thus avoiding the convective heat transfer of air. The extremely low volume density of aerogels and the curved path of the nano-network structure also prevent gas and solid heat conduction, and the "infinitely many" void walls can reduce heat radiation. These three aspects work together to block almost all the ways of heat transfer, so that aerogel can achieve a thermal insulation effect that other materials can’t match, even far lower than the thermal conductivity of static air at room temperature of 0.025W/m·K, reaching 0.013W /m·K or less.

Brand Advantage

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Super Thermal Insulation Performance

The thermal conductivity is only 1/3~1/5 that of traditional materials, which effectively reduces heat loss, has high space utilization, and has more significant performance advantages at high temperatures.


Long Lasting Heat Resistance

The unique three-dimensional network structure of aerogel avoids the phenomenon that other heat-preserving materials suffer from sintering deformation due to long-term high temperature or vibration, and the phenomenon that the heat-preserving performance of particles is drastically reduced.


Fireproof and Waterproof

Aerogel can reach the national A-level non-combustible standard for building materials, and the water repellency rate can reach more than 99%, which can avoid the material's settlement failure caused by water ingress.


Tensile and Crack Resistance

It has good flexibility and tensile strength, and can resist the internal stress caused by the stretching during construction and the linear shrinkage when alternating cold and heat.


Environmental Protection

The product is composed of inorganic materials, does not contain harmful substances to the human body, the content of soluble chloride ions is very small, and it is non-corrosive to equipment and pipelines.


Sound Resistance and Impact Resistance

While keeping the equipment warm, it also has the functions of sound absorption, noise reduction, and vibration buffering, which improves the environmental quality and protects the equipment.


Easy To Install

The product density is less than 200kg/m³, light and convenient, easy to cut, and high construction efficiency.


Support Customization

For specific solutions, please consult relevant technical personnel.


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